Food Brokers

We are proud to bring high quality Italian food and wine to the USA market. We are based in Manhattan and offer over 25 years of import-export experience and have the contact and licenses to provide 360° assistance to Italian exporters.

What we do for our clients:

  • We verify that the premises are there to propose a certain product to the USA market by understanding if the export is qualified for the US market and by conducting market research.
  • We prepare a company and product specific Strategic Business Plan detailing how we will get the product to market in the USA in such a manner as to increase the sales volumes.
  • We help identify the most suited importer for the product.
  • We identify the most suited distribution channels based on sales objectives and because importers are not always distributors.
  • We offer FDA facility registration and product registration services.
  • We prepare clients for FDA inspections according to FDA CGMPs.
  • We provide TTB and FDA labeling review services.
  • We provide the client with logistics support even during transport and customs clearance because our main partner of the firm is a Licensed US Customs Broker.
  • Our success is tied to your success, so we are dedicated and determined to see our clients have concrete and lasting success in the US market.